Windows HPC Server 2008 R2: Step by Step

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This book uses the guiding principle of assuming no prior HPC knowledge and uses examples to guide the readers to learn how to use, manage and develop applications on HPC Server 2008 R2. This book also use the real application and management scenarios to thread through the chapters, making the content rich and relevant.

The book has 8 chapters. Chapter 1 introduces how to quickly get up-to-speed with installing an HPC Server cluster, providing a test application at the end to give the reader first-hand experience; chapter 2 provides a broad brush introduction of MPI, HPC SOA and HPC Services for Excel programming model, conceptual model and user interface of the job scheduler and management system. Chapter 3 primarily describes how to use the job scheduler user interface, command line interface, PowerShell, C# Programming Interface to submit, monitor and track the status of MPI, Parametric Sweep and Task Flow jobs; chapter 4, through an Asian Option Pricing project example, describes how to use HPC Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) programming model to encapsulate calculation logic as a service, deploy service and write client applications using asynchronous method invocation and file & recollect patterns. Chapter 5, through a image processing application, describes how to use MPI programming model to decompose the domain, perform inter-process communication and synchronization; chapter 6 primarily describes technologies for cluster bare-metal deployment, configuration, monitoring, diagnostics and reporting; chapter 7 mainly describes HPC Services for Excel, Chapter 8 provides a real-world usage experience, describing the concrete benefits that Shanghai Automobile Industrial Corporation reaped in putting HPC Server into product use.

The book provides an evaluation copy of the HPC Server 2008. Code samples of can be downloaded from the publisher's web site.

This book is suitable for anyone who is wishing to learn or working in the area of HPC, no matter you have prior usage experience of HPC Server. This book is also suitable for University students, teaching and research staff, whether you are in Computer Science major or you have prior teaching experience of HPC Server.

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